Canohead Game

This is not an escape room. You’re not trying to escape. You’re trying to break in. What are you breaking in to? That’s part of what you’re trying to figure out.

12 levels, each harder than the last. No maths or programming is required, just creative thought.

Each puzzle is self-contained and poses a unique challenge - there are no connections between the puzzles, and there are no hints in the story videos between levels. You might benefit from a little internet research here and there.

Feel free to collaborate in the comment section - but always remember the golden rule: if you know the answer, don’t spoil it. Let others find out for themselves or you’re robbing them of the experience. Try to be vague.

This was designed to be hard. Don’t expect to solve any puzzle in one go. Take your time, come back another day and collaborate with people in the comments.